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  Radio Nove Minutos NY - Your Brazilian radio in NY


Nove Minutos NY is the only 100% Brazilian radio in New York, with a 100% unprecedented programming, every day, made by a select team of DJ's. Our motto is diversity: here, we play all styles.

Nove Minutos Brazilian radio is a  democratic radio: You too, can be a DJ, and participate in the programming. Just send your request.


Here, you press play, relax, and enjoy music that you know you will love.

Our playlists include:


 Brazilian regional styles - forró, repente, coco de roda, axé, afoxé, sertanejo, sertanejo universitário, samba, samba-canção, bossa nova, Sambass, música indígena e folclórica, música de capoeira, música gaúcha, música LGBTQ, avant-garde, MPB (Música Brasileira Popular), folk-rock, música nativista, pagode, tropicália, choro, maracatu, embolada, funk carioca, frevo, brega, modinha


 And Brazilian versions of foreign musical styles - rock, soul, hip-hop, disco music, country music, ambient music, Brazilian psychedelic rock, industrial and psychedelic, Brazilian hard rock, rap, classical music, fado, gospel, instrumental music, jazz, experimental music, electroacoustic music, Brazilian opera.


 Did we forget any? Okay, tell us which one and Nove Minutos will play for you!